Best Paper Awards

Research Papers - Best Papers in each Track 

Prize: INR 30,000 each

Track 1: Perspectives on Future Directions for Work Integrated Learning

Paper ID - 183: Work-Integrated Learning in Mass Communication Education: A Critical Evaluation using Fink’s Taxonomy: Mona Gupta, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.

Track-2: Pedagogical Practices

Paper ID - 66: Utilizing Learning Styles to Improve Experiential Learning Among Working Professionals: A Systematic Mapping: Shilpa Kadam (upGrad-INSOFE); Praveen Kumar (BITS Hyderabad); Dipak Satpathi (BITS Hyderabad)

Track-3: Assessment Models

Paper ID - 135: AI-Infused Academic Planning for Student Excellence: Poorvi Deshpande (PES University); Nikith K B (PES University); Eshita Vyas (PES University); Ayushi Kumari (PES University); Dr. Clara Kanmani A (PES University)

Track-4:  Innovation and Learning Technologies

Paper ID - 31: Gen AI: Education in the Age of Innovation, Benefits and future Trends: Jaculine G Priya Loyal Institute of Business, Loyal college campus, Chennai.

Track-5:  Industry-Academia Collaboration

Paper ID - 161:  Exploring Effective Collaboration Models in Industry-Academia Partnerships": Bunaikattla Mr Mahesh Varma (BEAR AND BULL INVESTMENTS)

Practice oriented Papers

1st Prize: INR 30,000

Paper Id - 141: Role of Technology for Injury Prevention in Manufacturing Sector: Ahmadallisha Khadar Vali Shaik (Aditya Birla Group)

 2nd Prize: INR 20,000

Paper ID - 179: Intelligent System for Evaluating and Analyzing Descriptive (ISEAD): R Harshita (PES University); Pankhuri Tayal (PES University); Parth Praveen Shetty (PES UNIVERSITY); Pratheeksha P (PES University); Sreenath V (PESIT_BSC)

Best Case Study (Prize: INR 5,000)

Paper ID - 189: Contribution Of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Programs towards continued employability skill enhancement in working professionals: A case study: Suri Babu Kuchimanchi (BITS-Pilani)*; Jayashree Mahesh (BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus)

Best Poster (Prize: INR 5,000)

Paper ID - 105: Teacher’s Aid: Advancing Classroom Interaction with AI by Ankita Jena and T. Harishma Devi,  BITS Pilani, WILP Division, Pilani, Rajasthan- 333031, India.

EduForge Student Competition Prizes

Prize: 1st Prize Rs. 25,000

Project ID: 282

Project title: Vishay

Team Name: Vishay

Student Team Members: Shresth Shukla, Hemanth Singh, Sarthak Malhotra

Prize: 2nd Prize Rs. 15,000

Project ID: 281

Project title: InnovateEDU

Team Name: EduBots

Student Team Members: UTSAV VORA 

Prize: 3rd Prize Rs. 10,000

Project ID: 306

Project title: Enhancing Real-time Learning Interactivity in Work Integrated Learning Programs: A MultiModel Approach

Team Name: Deep Insight Crew

Student Team Members: Debarati Banerjee, Mrutyunjay Shukla

Prize: 3rd Prize Rs. 10,000

Project ID: 265

Project title: AI Powered Learning solution for assignments, forming groups and references for topics taught in classes

Team Name: AI Techie

Student Team Members: Shruti Gupta